Karınca Logistics was established in 1986 at Istanbul. It started out by providing customs clearance services, and soon after launched its international transportation services by investing in road freight. Karınca Logistics has always been proud to ‘shoulder the goods and burdens’ of its clients, thanks to its strong and reliable workforce.


Karınca Logistics, a sector-specific solution provider, internalized the importance of HSSE (health, safety, environment, and security) and began transportation of dangerous goods with this in mind. Karınca Logistics has been carrying all your ‘goods and burdens’ with a “zero mistake, zero accident” principle for 30 years. Additionally, thanks to the experience gained from transportation of dangerous goods and its high HSSE conscious staff, Karınca Logistics also started providing logistics services for sea and land oil exploration projects of several energy firms.


Strengthened by its diverse client portfolio (national and multi-national), Karınca Logistics also launched domestic logistics services across Turkey. Karınca Logistics adopted a sector-specific management system to better understand the needs of its clients. Karınca Logistics is able to provide special solutions based on clients and their specific needs. Through the acquisition of a foreign company, Karınca Logistics was able to add the footwear and textile sectors and provide warehousing and distribution services in these sectors as well.


Branching out in Mersin area, Karınca Logistics also started transportation services for mining and construction sectors across Turkey providing port evacuation, handling and rail freight.

As Karınca family, we are happy to take part in your lives with our diverse global services based on our 30 years of knowledge, meticulous information infrastructure and strong brand reliability.


Being the most valuable logistics brand with innovative and forerunning services.


Being an integrated supply chain solution provider, helping clients to focus on their own businesses by simplifying their business processes and providing high tech solutions and services to meet their needs.


Sharing accurate information with clients, business partners and employees as rapidly as possible is our fundamental principle.
We focus on providing permanent and preventive solutions to problems.
We pay a special importance to keeping all our employees up-to-date with the latest sectorial knowledge and experience. We aim for constant development of all employees’ knowledge and work quality.
We focus on the best use of technology and latest performance measurement techniques.
We strive for constant development and a continuous improvement of our efficiency.
We always consider the protection of the environment and the improvement of the social conditions as a prerequisite of all our business.
Karınca employees are responsible for the services of HSSE (health, security, safety, and environment) performance.
Employees are evaluated by their qualification, talent, and education without any religious, ethnic or gender discrimination.
Rights and dignity of individuals are always respected.
We present the best solutions and services based on the needs and requests of clients and business partners.

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Our Karınca Logistics Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability report is in the link located.