Service Areas

Domestic Logistics / Value Added Services

Karınca Logistic provides value added services for its clients and offers all kinds of solutions by allocating specialized staff for each client at its own storage or the clients‘ factory/storage.

Sample Projects:

For clients in the textile sector, return products from the stores are parsed through quality control and subsequently, value added services like ironing, packaging, hanging and labeling are provided as required.

Finished products on the production line at the customer-owned factory are packed by the packaging staff, carried to the storage area, loaded, and transported to the last destination point.

For a client in toys sector, the stored rechargeable toys are collected and charged at certain period of time and packed by placing the necessary instructions inside the packaging.

For a client in e-commerce sector, special services such as preparation and placement of gift cards in packages are provided in addition to warehousing services.

Karınca provides;

  • Ironing
  • Labeling
  • Tagging
  • Quality control
  • Parsing/merging
  • Stain removing
  • Alarm installing