KARINCA Lojistik A.Ş-Career


Join Karınca Family

During our recruitment processes, our target is to recruit talents who will accommodate with Karınca Logistics corporate culture, values and strategies, want to plan their careers and shape their futures. To join Karınca Family, all job application must be done from Apply link. After job interviews and interview evaluations, job offer to the preferred candidate is done by the Recruitment Team. Karınca employees are result focused and performance based workers.

Performance in Karınca Family

Individual performances are evaluated in line with the Karınca’s strategic targets by a systematic and measurable system. The performance system is a very important and effective tool to increase individual and company success. Performance monitoring and accurate evaluation play a key role to reach company targets. For this reason, individual targets are determined in parallel with the company objectives.

Career Planning at Karınca Family

Personal development of each employee is evaluated in accordance with his/her performance target and the career plan is determined in this respect. The aim of the personal development plans is to be aware of the employees’ strengths and to plan the aspects that the company can benefit more from these qualifications. Action plans are prepared for the areas to be improved, management candidates and high potential employees are identified and prepared for the managerial positions. Training opportunities for personal development, career planning, appreciation and reward systems, competitive wages and extra packages are offered to employees in Karınca.

Training and Development in Karınca Family

Orientation programs and technical (on the job) trainings are planned for the new members of Karınca Family. Trainings are organized for individuals and teams to create the learning environment and to have continuous participation of the employees. At the beginning of each year, 1-1 meetings are set with the department managers to plan annual trainings for their departments.