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KARINCA Logistics is the place where passionate, open-minded, and determined professionals come together. Here, you are encouraged to showcase your talents and to be ready to learn new skills. Are you ready to explore yourself?

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At KARINCA Logistics, we want to be with you on your career journey and co-write your success story. We believe that each individual's talents and potential are unique, and providing the right opportunities to discover this potential is essential. Along with our open positions, you can join the Ant family to explore the exciting and dynamic world of logistics.

Open Positions

At KARINCA Logistics, we are here to support you on your career journey and ensure that you achieve success at the highest level. With our open positions, you will find opportunities to showcase and develop your talents in a dynamic working environment. By joining the Ant family, you can explore the exciting aspects of the logistics world and achieve your own success.


At KARINCA Logistics, we highly value the personal and professional development of our valuable staff. Therefore, we have launched the KARINCA Academy to enhance and carry forward the competencies of our employees who take on technical and professional responsibilities in warehouse operations. Through this academy, we collaborate with the Enocta training compa...


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