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E-Commerce Warehouse and

Logistics Solutions

The e-commerce world, known for its rapid growth and constant change, offers new opportunities every day. As customer expectations increase, providing integrated logistics services for e-commerce businesses has become a crucial necessity. At KARINCA Logistics, we have a specialized team in e-commerce warehouse and logistics services, and we take our commitment to adding value to our customers seriously. Contact us now to learn how we can assist you with your e-commerce and storage needs.

Our Logistics Solutions Offered to You!

At KARINCA Logistics, our goal is to support the growth of e-commerce businesses and provide our customers with the best logistics experience.

Receiving and Storage:

After production, your valuable products are accepted and stored in the warehouse, matched with suitable storage areas.

Quality Control:

Following the acceptance of products into the warehouse, our quality control department examines them. Products that meet your specified standards are kept, while the exchange and return processes are initiated for others.

Order Management and Packaging:

Thanks to our integrated warehouse systems connected to your e-commerce panels, orders are packed and prepared for their next journey as soon as they arrive.

Shipping and Delivery:

Through our in-house shipping branches and our distribution network, your products are swiftly delivered to consumers.

Return Management:

Returns and end-of-season products are collected, and after necessary checks, the return process is initiated.

Custom Solutions for Your Brand:

We offer logistics solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of your business. Every brand is unique, and we respect that.

Multi-User Solutions Within the Same Warehouse:

We provide efficient storage and management for those serving multiple business partners.

Concept Development According to Flow Simulations:

We use product flow simulations to optimize your business processes.

Peak Management for High-Volume Campaigns:

We ensure seamless supply chain management for your business during busy periods, such as holiday campaigns.

Customized Solutions According to Sector and Product Range:

Regardless of the sector or product range, we offer personalized solutions.

Warehouse Services Solutions for Depot-to-Depot, Dealer, Store, and End Consumer:

We provide a flexible distribution network targeting every stage of your product.

Get to Know KARINCA Logistics' Special Services!

Fashion & Textile Logistics

The fashion and retail industry is known for being a rapidly changing and dynamic sector. To succeed in this dynamic industry, companies need a reliable logistics partner that ensures not only timely delivery of their products but also their delivery in perfect condition. This is where KARINCA Logistics comes in. Learn how we can assist you with our Fashion and Textile Industry Logistics Solutions.

Project Logistics

Project Logistics involves the careful planning and execution required to ensure the delivery of large, often critical, and time-sensitive cargoes to their destinations without delays or damages. As KARINCA Logistics, we understand the unique demands and complexities of Project Logistics, handling even the most challenging projects with ease...


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