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At KARINCA Logistics, we highly prioritize the personal and professional development of our valuable staff. Therefore, we have established the KARINCA Academy to enhance and carry forward the competencies of our employees involved in technical and professional tasks in warehouse operations. Through collaboration with the Enocta training company, we have facilitated access to online training sessions. The KARINCA Academy supports our employees in gaining the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their tasks more effectively and efficiently. Employees can access video training sessions and complete assigned training modules through the platform, allowing them to strengthen technical skills in warehouse operations and progress in personal development areas.

Key features of the
KARINCA Academy include:

In an era rapidly affected by digital transformation, we know that most of the talents that will carry us into the future must come from within the organization. At this point, Karınca Academy was established to support skills development and adapt to changing needs. The main features of Karınca Academy are as follows:

Comprehensive Training

The KARINCA Academy offers a comprehensive training program under five main categories to address the needs of our employees. We contribute to the development of our employees through diversified training in categories such as Personal Excellence, Operational Excellence, Managerial Excellence, Personal Awareness, and New World Skills.

Flexible Training Management

Our training managers regularly assign training modules through the platform to support the development of employees. Additionally, employees can choose training sessions based on their interests and needs.

Diverse Content

The Academy enriches the learning experience of our employees with a wide range of content, from personal development to job skills. It caters to various learning styles through video content, interactive training materials, and practical learning resources.

Career Journey-Supporting Trainings

We offer lifelong learning programs to assist our employees on their career journey. Through these programs, our employees can continuously support their professional and personal development.

Customized Trainings

We address the needs of employees at all levels by providing specially selected training programs for white-collar, blue-collar, and managerial staff.

With the KARINCA Academy, our employees invest in their development, aiming to enhance both job skills and personal growth. We aim to increase both individual and company success. If you wish to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the KARINCA Academy and support the development of your employees, feel free to contact us. At KARINCA Logistics, we take pride in providing training that shapes the talents of the future


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