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Artwork & Exhibition


As Karınca Logistics, we need to produce solutions specifically for the needs of our customers. For this reason, we develop ourselves by the solutions needed by different sectors in our field. One of these solutions is Artwork and Exhibition Transportation. We are at your side with our expert staff for this transportation that needs unique solutions. We offer project-specific solutions with our specially trained professionals to transfer our cultural and artistic heritage to future generations without any damage.

In addition to standard transportation solutions,

· Packaging
· Insurance
· Documentation
· We follow security steps meticulously.

Our Services

· Exhibition Transportation: We offer a complete transportation service for art exhibitions, ensuring your works are exhibited without problems.
· Collection Transportation: We transport your art collections safely; we take each work under protection.
· Special Items: We safely transport your valuable or unique items.
· Consultancy: We provide you with consultancy on the transportation of artworks.

One-stop shop for All Your Project Logistics Needs!

Our comprehensive range of project transportation services covers everything from the initial planning and design stages to the final delivery and installation phases. We handle every aspect of the project, from securing the necessary permits and documentation to ensuring that your cargo is safely loaded, transported and unloaded at its destination. With our extensive network of resources, we offer seamless project transportation services that allow you to focus on your core business operations. Whether you need local, national or international transportation, our team of experts is ready to support you in achieving your goals.


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