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KARINCA Logistics closely follows evolving technology and current standards. With a robust information technologies team, it provides services under four main departments to respond to changing technological needs.

Process Improvement

Responsible for all processes of the company and their improvement, this unit receives requests from internal and external customers. Process mapping and analysis are conducted using the ARIS program. Key objectives of departments:

• Creation of the process map

• Extraction and monitoring of KPIs

• Establishment of Process Risk Management

• Identification of digitalization needs for processes

• Determination of value streams

• Continuous analysis and improvement of processes

• Mapping of processes on the ARIS program

• Creation of application processes based on requests

• Inclusion and addressing of documents in the process

• Implementation of operational excellence steps on processes

Corporate Applications

As a unit responsible for all corporate applications of the company, it is in charge of process improvement, responding to internal and external customer requests, and developing software suitable for these requests.

Our Corporate Application Partners:

• BC Microsoft Navision for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

• Salesforce for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

• Masraff for Expense Management

• Axata for Warehouse Management System (WMS)

• BC Microsoft Navision for Transportation Management System (TMS)

• Optifleet for Vehicle Tracking System

• Uyumsoft for Human Resources Processes

Software Development

Responsible for managing the company's digital transformation processes or developing and integrating requested corporate programs;

• Resolution of error requests

• Support

• Development

• Integration processes

System and Network

Creates and develops solutions for system and network infrastructure according to requests.

• Ensuring system security

• Keeping the system operational 24/7

• System network, hardware procurement processes

• Tracking and implementation of new security procedures

• Updating in accordance with ISO 27001 standards

• Establishment of system and network infrastructure for new facility openings

• Resolution of system errors, improvement, and support processes

Our System and Network Partners:

• Virtualization platform Vmware

• Email services Microsoft Exchange

• Firewall Fortigate

• MobileITM for remote device management

• Zabbix for device management and monitoring

• Dataloss Protection for Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

• FortiPAM for Privileged Account Management (PAM)

• Veam and Zerto for Backup and Disaster Recovery Management


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