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As KARINCA Logistics, we want to be with you on your career journey and write your success story together. We believe each individual's talents and potential are unique, and offering the right opportunities to discover this potential is necessary. With our open positions, you can join the KARINCA family and have the chance to develop yourself in the exciting and dynamic field of logistics.

Life at KARINCA: Together

The Magic of Being Strong Together

We draw our inspiration from nature. Just like a KARINCA colony working in natural harmony and collaboration, we build our work environment with this harmony. Each employee is crucial to us. With each task we undertake, we grow even more and take a step closer to bigger goals. Through proper task division and guidance, every contribution becomes more valuable, and we successfully conclude our projects.

Every employee is precious to us. Supporting our employees' career journeys with both collective and individual goals, we accompany each employee in enhancing and developing their talents and skills with our lifelong learning objectives.

KARINCA works with determination and perseverance. Each day, we work with determination to improve our work and realize our potential. This determination propels us forward, creating a sense of liveliness and motivation within us.

At the same time, KARINCA plays a significant role in nature, contributing to maintaining balance. In the business world, we also prioritize taking responsibility for the environment and contributing to our community.

At KARINCA Logistics, we evaluate each individual in our company separately and support them in realizing their potential. Additionally, we take conscious steps to promote and embody teamwork and these values. We know that each KARINCA employee is invaluable, but at the same time, KARINCA is a big family that moves in harmony towards its goals with all its components united.


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