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Classification of Return Products

The classification of returned products helps determine the condition of the items. An analysis of the reasons for returns is conducted, ensuring effective management of the returned products. These value-added warehouse services play a critical role in optimizing your business processes, enhancing customer satisfaction, and ensuring operational efficiency. We can assist you in making your business more effective by providing customized services.

Repackaging Service

At KARINCA Logistics, we offer a specialized repackaging service to help you package your products more efficiently and effectively. We rearrange your products to create more functional and attractive packaging, making it easier to manage during both storage and distribution stages. With our repackaging service, we enhance the presentation and portability of your products, supporting you in providing the best experience to your customers. Contact us for more information!

Inventory Management

Comprehensive inventory management services are provided to organize, track, and optimize warehouse stocks. Accurate inventory management reduces stock costs and increases operational efficiency.

Alarm Installation

Alarm installation services are provided to ensure the security of valuable or sensitive products. By professionally installing alarm systems, we offer the opportunity to keep your products safe and reduce the risk of theft.

Dividing / Merging

The division and merging service manages customized orders by splitting large products to prepare for different orders or combining multiple products into a single package.

Quality Control

Quality control services are provided to inspect product quality and deliver flawless products to customers. The conformity of your products to standards is checked, adopting an approach that enhances customer satisfaction.


Labeling services are offered to make your products traceable. Assigning a unique identity to each product facilitates inventory management and ensures accurate tracking of your products.


Customized tagging services are provided to identify and organize your products. Proper labeling of each of your products ensures traceability and allows you to manage your data systematically.


Ironing services are provided to ensure that your products have a smooth and flawless appearance. Your products are ironed with special care, allowing you to present professional and attractive products to your customers.

Stain Removal

Stain removal services are offered to remove stains from your products. Our expert teams remove stains to present your products to customers in a clean manner.


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